The Shelves

Hellooo. Let’s talk about what’s really important – the books! Well, as we all know, bookstores each have their own vibe and personality, but, for the most part, organization by genre is a key feature to bookstores. Underground Books is no different. From garden upkeep and quilt making to what are labeled as the “classics” and what I label “the pretty covers,” Underground Books covers a lot of literary terrain in their store. Fully covering a bookstore was difficult than I imagined and, honestly, impossible because – you know how book people are – there are always more tucked away out of sight somewhere.  In my best attempt to examine and record the shelves of Underground Books, I took notes and pictures to look back on while I worked on this project. To fully picture the layout of this store, I decided to draw out a overview map of the store in order to provide a general mental shape – maybe it’s just me, but it helps to have a mental picture in my head.

Mapped Out:



Genres Available:

  • Gardening
    • Floral specific
  • Home Making
  • Cooking
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    • Farmers Markets
    • International Foods
  • Local Newspapers/Magazines
  • New Arrivals
  • “Pretty Books” (my term — lots of the classic books – think Jane Austen, Fitzgerald, etc. with special edition pretty covers – individuals + sets)
  • Novel Sets
  • Staff Picks
  • Old Books
  • Featured/Highlighted Book Section
  • Relationships
    • Family
      • Birth
      • Parenting
    • Romantic
    • Friendships
    • Self-Improvement
  • Politics & Sociology
  • History
    • Native American
    • Anthropology
  • Religion
  • Local/Regional/Southern History
  • Local/Regional Authors
  • Gender Studies
  • First Editions/Expensive Books
  • Classics
  • Quilting
  • Misc. Fiction
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Middle Grades Literature
  • Children’s Books