Student Reader’s Guide

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Here is the student reader’s guide to Underground Books!

Do you have an idea of what book you would like to read this time? Maybe so? Great. If not, I have a feeling the book curators at Underground can help you with that. From new arrivals to staff picks, there is a great variety and a knowledgable staff there to help you. We have curated a general list of genres available here, but also drawn out for you on the map below.


I hope the above map helps you find your way to the genre that is most appealing to you. If you are a “student” reader, I’m assuming you would be most interested in the Children’s, Middle Grades, and Young Adult sections (of course, you are not limited to these genres, but they make spark your interest & keep your interest a little more than some of the other genres). The section I have labeled as “Highlighted Books Here!” is the table with the featured books on display when you first enter the store. Currently, the table has a sign saying “Bedtime Stories For Everyone,” which includes you!

One of the new releases that I noticed on this table is the book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, which I saw an interview with the authors on Facebook recently and is aimed towards encouraging young girls through stories with the female character as the heroine/protagonist. If you want to get a little sample of one of the books while you are perusing through the titles available, grab a seat on the comfy couch in the area of the store with the Y.A., Middle Grades, and Children’s Books.

american street
American Street is a highly popular YA novel to explore racial tensions in the United States.