All Smiles for Underground


This book arch is a piece of art, am I right???

First of all, wow, isn’t this book arch fun? Such a unique, inviting piece to add even more character to this bookstore! I wanted to include this page, All Smiles for Underground, and a digital high-five to the lovely people at Underground Books and for an opportunity to show my love for shopping local and my sweet, little, hometown community! Here is where I wanted to list a few of my favorite things about this place & what I think they’re doing right — other stores should follow their lead!!

  • Free refreshments (because who doesn’t love those)
  • Comfy seating (obvious reasons)
  • Knowledgable & helpful staff (that deals with my nerdy-ness when I get excited about the matchboxes that look like little books)
  • Strong variety in genre, voices, and considering audience
  • Supporting local authors and publications (always great!!!!!)
  • Considering the population looking for books
    • highlighting children’s books and “new” books that are popular right at the interest to draw people in & if we’re lucky inspire new readers (of course, we all win there)
  • Maintaining character
  • Appreciating the old & the new
    • I drool over the antique books with the pretty covers & can still pick up a new book that is practically hot of the press within the same store!

So… thank you, thank you, thank you & best wishes to you, Underground Books, from Bookshelves & Brainstorms!