Young Adult Literature

So What? Semester Reflection


Oh, what a semester it has been!! This summer in and of itself has challenged me in ways I never would have expected, but I am hopeful that it has all been worth it! From the Y.A. class alone, I have seen my mindset transition from solely student to teacher of students/student teacher, and, maybe, my next step is teacher student – where I learn things from my students far more transformative than anything I can teach them about structuring an essay (a little too cheesy? sorry, I couldn’t help it). I plan to work here and there with Bookshelves & Brainstorms even after this summer semester goes to a close because I have a passion for utilizing technology in the classroom, and I think it is important for me to practice and promote digital literacy in my own life.

From beginning this semester with a lot of nerves about my schedules and work load to wrapping up the final week of all of my classes, this summer has had its highs and lows without a doubt. Our Young Adult Literature class has taught me so many things while reminding me of a fact I think I knew all along… that being a reader is so important in shaping and reshaping my worldview through lenses provided to me in novels and that Young Adult Lit. is not the second-class status we often see literary snobs (oops, sorry if that offends anyone) place as lesser than other genres. I posted a clip from Friends From College, where one of the characters is acting as if he is too good for YA – and come on, you have to admit its enjoyable for everyone at some level – this class served as a reminder of that. Also, as silly & behind the curve as it may seem, utilizing Goodreads has been a wonderful, new tool for developing my personal reading list! This course has encouraged me to keep at reading in my personal time while Goodreads has made it easy for me to curate a list to reference when I’m in need for a good book.

I leave this course knowing importance of being a teacher that reads. Knowing the content that is reaching your students is important in understanding how their perceptions and world views may change based on whatever is popular for them to be reading or whatever text is put in their hands. Therefore, being a teacher that reads is just as important as being a teacher in the loop. This course has inspired me to invest time in reading books not only for myself, but for my students – I hope to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio because of its potential to use in a classroom and teach me more about empathy towards my students. I hope to continually find ways to fuel my passion and soften my heart for my students & I think investing in them through reading is the perfect place to start!


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