Young Adult Literature

Y.A. Listography

Books that were AMAZING – until the Ending…

  • Perks of Being A Wallflower
    • SUCH a popular book & movie, and while it surprised me at the end, it made me more sad than anything
  • Outer Dark
    • ehhh.. it’s a stretch to say it was ever amazing, but the ending made it worse.. important to remember Cormac McCarthy was a little out there to begin with
  • American Street
    • Although the ending of American Street hit home the overall points surrounding drugs and impoverished areas in America, it still disappointed me, but it does give the hardcore truth unlike the sweet, happy endings we are often used to it Y.A. literature.

A few books with THE BEST (prettiest) Covers

Fictional Characters I’d Most Like to Meet

  • Sherlock Holmes – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Atticus Finch – To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Ron Weasley – Harry Potter series
  • Anne Elliot – Persuasion

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