Young Adult Literature

Book Project #4

Our task for this book project was to choose an “alternative book report idea” and create it for our selected book from this week. I chose to pursue the “yearbook entry” option because I liked that it allowed for creativity and gave me time to reflect on my characters’ personalities – I even went as far as making up fake Instagram & Twitter handles as well as what they may be listening to currently. As I began making these entries, I kept coming up with funny ways to reflect their characters, and it turned more into a Facebook profile. I continued to shape the yearbook entry into a Facebook profile template because I think this would be a great example of a project for a classroom. I used the website/software “Canva” to create this project. It was super easy to use and would be a great option for students to get creative with their ideas. I found pictures of actors/characters from other television shows and movies that I thought would work well to play the given roles from this book as the “profile picture” for each character. Below, I have attached my profiles for three of the main characters in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.

These were SO fun to make, and if you chose to incorporate this project into a classroom setting it would be an entertaining way for students to express creativity and humor through presenting these profiles to their classmates. These profiles may also spark the interest in other students to read some of the books presented! This could also be an interesting addition to “book talks” or book previews to allow students a preview of what the characters they would read in a given book may be like without giving away too much plot.


One thought on “Book Project #4

  1. Love what you created! Thank you for sharing a tool that we can use in the classroom and letting us know about your experience using it. It looks like it was easy and fun!


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