Teaching Writing

Six-Word Memoirs – Brainstorming

The “Say It In Six” movement is something entirely new to me, but something I could definitely latch onto for good. I have always had an obsession with scribbling down good quotes or verses I hear that connect with me on an emotional or spiritual level, and I think this movement is trying to hook onto that same feeling I get when I find a quote that works for me. These “Six Word Memoirs” would be an awesome project to include in a writing project for a classroom – maybe a continuous one throughout the year to show student growth??? Just brainstorming here. Anyway, below are a few that I have been playing around with – light-hearted or pensive, take your pick.

Read good books. Drink good coffee. – Jamie Tuggle (you’re welcome – credit me, and they can be your new words to live by) – j.k., but they’re all by me, obviously 🙂 

Always growing but home at heart.

Grow faith, plant seeds, live fully.

Pulled between passions – blessed with inspirations.

& more to come!! Like this idea? Get to brainstormin’, y’all!


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