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“Where I’m From” Rendition

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Click image above or here to watch “Where I’m From”

This is a rendition of George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m from,” in which I edited the lines to fit my story about where I’m from…

Lines below:

Where I’m From

I am from parking deck sunsets, 

from backroads and bonfires. 

I am from the mud under our feet at the lake.

(Cool, refreshing 

from the Georgia heat.) 

I am from the small maple tree

at my childhood home

whose branches grew with me 

as its roots dug deeper into the earth.

I’m from homemade and school spirit, 

          from Mom and Pop’s. 

I’m from the ‘round heres, 

          and the hole-in-the-walls, 

from below the Mason-Dixon – I am Homegrown Southern.

I’m from the Lord’s Prayer

          with a flower cross at Easter

          and church I was raised in.

I’m from water towers and skylines, 

“frosha” and strong coffee. 

From the family who always stands behind me, 

          to the friends beside me, 

and the future in front of me.

Inside the shoebox under my bed

spilling out old pictures, 

are the memories 

of the years gone by – old flames and forever friends. 

I am from those moments—

kept to remind me of my roots —

as the sunsets behind that old maple tree.


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