Teaching Writing

Core Pedagogies: In The Making

This isn’t called “Bookshelves & Brainstorms” for no reason. I am the kind of person that likes to ruminate on an idea for days, weeks, or even months before I truly make up my mind about something (& then I’m miserably stubborn), so I do not think my outlook on teaching will be any different. There are a few things I have established thus far that I believe are important to being a successful human being as well as being successful in the classroom listed below:

    • This may not be the non-negotiable you were expecting, but this is a matter I am confident about… I am not sure where this concept was lost enough the years younger than me, but it is a shame. There is something authentically endearing about a beautifully, handwritten letter – written or even just signed in cursive. It is a skill we should all have. Please explain to me what is going to happen in a hundred years when people do not even know how to read it?? There will need to be professional curvise-readers solely to translate historic documents, which is a terrifying thought in my opinion. Therefore, cursive will be a requirement in my classroom. I had a teacher in high school that made everyone write their daily journals completely in cursive, and I think that should be the bare minimum required. All students should acquire cursive as a skill before graduating high school. Rant over.

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