Young Adult Literature

Book Spine Poetry

IMG_1596 2.JPG

Little Women,

Sometimes We Tell The Truth,

1 Page At A Time;


Lies Young Women Believe.


Although this is a small attempt at best for me to write poetry, I found in very interesting to realize which titles popped out at me for creative use. I think the title “Sometimes We Tell The Truth” really began my thought process & once I made the connection with “Little Women,” I was ready to go.

This assignment prompted some personal teaching questions for me as well as creative thoughts. I choose to screenshot what a post from my profile may look like on Instagram, but I keep my accounts private, so this post would not be able to be seen publicly online. I think that remaining a level of privacy between my personal life and life as a teacher is important, especially in this age of social media. In order to maintain a distinguished line of being professional between my students and I, it may be worth considering creating an Instagram account solely for educational use – maybe even call in “Bookshelves and Brainstorms”? This assignment led me to question the accessibility I am willing to allow my students into my personal life outside of the classroom. I consider myself a generally open person to begin with, but I think it is essential to consider who all is having access to your world if you choose to publicly display information.




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