Teaching Writing

Writing Territories

Writing Territories That Interest Me:

  • Teaching:
    • How to adequately split time between reading material/texts and writing/reflecting on them
    • Classroom first impressions
      • what impression do I want to leave my students with on the 1st day of class
      • how much should I reveal to them about myself?
    • Opening up to students to encourage them to open up as well
  • Faith:
    • How to be true to who I am in terms of my faith and beliefs while maintaining a professional stand point & make sure students do not draw conclusions about who I am because of my faith
    • It is where I draw my strength – my faith is a source of my encouragement & I think that it is important to understand where students find their sources of encouragement – friends, family, athletics, etc… in order to support & encourage them
  • Entrepreneurship:
    • My company
    • Marketing strategies
    • Social Media
    • Encouraging other entrepreneurs
    • Supporting & investing in communities
  • Traveling & Spending Time with Friends & Family:
    • vacations / spur of the moments trips are my favorite
    • coffee catch-up dates with friends
    • movie nights with family
  • Teaching Tips/Prep:
    • classroom management
    • classroom set-up
    • classroom decoration (hehe, can’t help it)
  • Random Other Interests:
    • binge watching tv shows
    • concerts
    • music
    • art

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